Must watch video: a powerful story about life

The Mexican Fisherman parable helps us to think about what's really important in life. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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10 Questions | Rachel Joy Price

Rachel Joy Price is a Lettering Artist based between London + Paris, working for brands worldwide. We're joining creative forces with Rachel to offer the most exquisite personalisation.
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In April 2020 LUXTRA joined the ranks of Certified 'B Corporations': a global movement of companies that use business as a force for good.
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10 Questions | Sophie Dunster

Sophie is the designer-extraordinaire behind Gung Ho: a London based sustainable fashion brand that aims to get people talking about current issues. Her sweatshirts sell like hotcakes, but the real showstoppers in our humble opinion are the details in her beautiful prints (on shirts, skirts and dresses).

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10 Questions | Amanda Thomson

With more and more people seeking delicious alcohol-free alternatives (us included!), we thought it high time to profile our friend Amanda Thomson. 
Amanda is the founder & CEO of Thomson & Scott, a company best known for its vegan, organic and ultra-low sugar sparkling wines. She sits down to answer a few fun questions. 
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10 Questions | Ilse Vonk

Ilse Vonk works with entrepreneurs to translate their vision in to growth. Here we shoot her 10 questions - both fun and harder hitting.
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