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10 Questions | Daniella Peri

10 Questions | Daniella Peri

Daniella Peri is an award winning entrepreneur, mother to Max, dog-mother to Mr. Bruno the puggle, a fabulous friend and all round bag of laughs. As you'll read below, Daniella founded Yoppie - a brand of personalised period care. She's raised some very impressive investment for such a young company and we're happy that she is helping to drive change how women's menstruation is perceived and spoken about in society. So... over to you, Daniella.


Tell us about Yoppie. What do you do and why did you create the company?

I founded Yoppie back in 2016, with a close friend after we realised a gap within the menstrual health market: women did not have enough options when it came to high quality, organic period products, nor was there a convenient way to purchase them.

After speaking with all of our friends we were not only shocked at how many were unaware of the chemicals used to manufacture non-organic period care, but how many were still ashamed of their period and found managing their menstrual health EXHAUSTING. So together we decided it was time to change that and we launched our first, home built website.

Yoppie launched with just one product, 100% organic cotton tampons that could be delivered straight to a customers letterbox on a subscription basis - so women never had to worry about running out to the store, or compromise on their health and sustainability values. After an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, we decided to expand our range to include liners and pads too in 2018.


Yoppie - Daniella's creation.


In 2018, I became pregnant with my son Maxim. After I successfully pitched a more innovative vision for Yoppie’s expansion to one of Sweden’s most noteworthy investors, it resulted in our first £1.2M in external venture funding in 2019. In 2020 we have been nurturing a strong and scaling community of customers and have added a much-loved educational health blog to our new platform. We just launched our personalised product recommendation platform, of which is just one of many upcoming plans to disrupt the reproductive health market


How do you usually start your day? 

Now that I am a mother, my son wakes me up around 6 am every morning. He sleeps with us in the bed, because I am addicted to his smell. Then I make breakfast for us, or at least myself. Maxim is still quite picky with breakfast. For the past months, I've been trying to get 1 hour of walk before sitting down by the computer. Walking gets me in such a great mind space, which I think is even more important now during the lockdown and working from home, remotely with your team.


The best thing about my work is...

Seeing all the hard work coming together, whilst getting all the great feedback from our customers. Seeing comments about how much they love our products is so gratifying. Knowing that we are soon releasing even more, better features and products makes me even more excited to share it with them!


The most difficult aspect of my work is…

Being a commercial CEO, making tough decisions.

 Daniella Peri, Yoppie

Daniella with her son, Max.


Are you a carry-all tote or mini handbag kind of girl?

Can I say both? I need both at least. I love combining them two, at least when I was walking into an office on a daily basis - pre-corona time. In the carry-all tote, you would find my laptop, agenda, notebook and maybe gym clothes. And yes, all the baby stuff. In the mini handbag, I like to have my phone, wallet and lipgloss.


What are you most excited about for the future?

Seeing Yoppie grow of course. We just closed our £3.2m seed funding from one of Europe’s leading venture capitals and angels. It is so empowering to get the opportunity to revolutionize a market that hasn't seen innovation in decades.


Biggest life lesson?

Not going to a therapist earlier. The stigma attached is just silly. It’s not healthy to  try and solve everything on my own.


My favourite place to escape is...



I am happiest when…

When I am travelling with my family. My husband and son. Creating memories as a family is exactly what you thought it would be, hard and yet so rewarding.


Bruno the PuggleDaniella somehow forgot to mention Mr. Bruno... 

Don't worry Brunksi, we love still love you!


Who is the woman that has most inspired you?

My mother and my best friend Therese Halleberg




Daniella is on Instagram at @daniellaperi 
You can read more about her company YOPPIE or follow along on their Instagram @itsyoppie.

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