Hot off the catwalk

Hot off the catwalk
Hello from the Stylist catwalk

Our "Vida" Saddle Bag on the catwalk 🧡

Hello lovely Luxtrites,

Sending a warm welcome to our new subscribers. I hope everyone is keeping well.

Today is a short note from our side as we're at Stylist LIVE in London and have been for the past few days. It has been great to meet so many of you in person - thanks for stopping by.

Chloé and I have been (wo)manning stand B12 and have had countless stimulating conversations about plant based materials. It's also been a fantastic bag-watching opportunity, looking at what people are carrying. Lots of totes and cross body bags and lots of gold “YSL” hardware. Very interesting.

This all feeds into some some exciting news we will be able to reveal in early December. So… as always… stay tuned!

Chloé taking care of the stand

I'll head back to the stand now and leave you with my favourite bundle of joy:


Fluff ball of the week: Bindi
Bindi heads back to Sydney tomorrow after 6 weeks by the beach with my sister.


Until next week,
LUXTRA Founder | Consumer Fair Fanatic | Plant Parent

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