Inspiration Trip

Inspiration Trip


We all got the burgundy-coat-memo

Hi all,

Hope you're well and keeping toasty (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere) or keeping cool, if you're down south.

This week Team LUXTRA took time out for an inspiration trip around the vintage stores in Notting Hill. The objective: to help Lorna with her third design (excited to share more with you soon!)

But before we dive in, let's extend a warm welcome to our newest subscribers: Luisa, Max, Romeo, Dominique, Suzanne, AZ, Louise, Cynthia and Rosa. Thanks for joining us!


As a team, we have a goal to do one inspiration trip together per month. Previous iterations have been in Paris and to Tate Modern. This month, Lorna, our Head of Design, suggested a tour of London's famous Portobello Road / Notting Hill vintage stores. She didn't need to ask twice.

We started off with a coffee catch up at Bluebelles coffee shop. When we were ready to face the cold, our first stop lay just next door at Found & Vision. We were like kids in a candy store: brilliant boots, cool coats, darling dresses, babe-a-licious bags and jamming jewellery galore! Highlights were an interesting crosshatch finish on the hardware (metal parts) of a bag and an unusual clasp.

We then walked to Rellik….*SUCH* a gem! Researching it further I learned Kate Moss is a customer… no wonder.

Rellik. Basically everything in here is drool-worthy

We found a stunning collection of vintage minaudières (small rigid, usually metal, evening bags). The lady working there commented that these types of bags were, by and large, now redundant because most of them didn't fit a smart phone. I replied along the lines of: “oh wow, yes, you're right!” but I guess it's pretty obvious in hindsight.

A great example of a minaudière. We fondly named her “Croissant”

We made several further stops, trying not to get tooooo distracted by all the beautiful (not to mention wild and wacky) bags and garments along the way.

Did Lorna get what she wanted from the day? An emphatic yes.

My favourite store? Definitely Rellik. Not cheap (apparently these days vintage ≠ affordable), but there are pieces in there that I, for one, would treasure forever.



During our Notting Hill escapade we walked past this adorable - and super friendly - black cat. I could have stayed there for hours playing with the sweet little fluffball, but by the time I looked up, the rest of the team was 100 m down the road…


Thanks very much for reading. I wish you a happy day / evening ahead.

Be well,


LUXTRA Founder | Vintage Lover | Proud B Corper

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