Plant-based living 💚🥬

Plant-based living 💚🥬

Who can relate? 🤣

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I'm writing to you from a freezing - but sunny! - London, so I hope you're keeping warm if you're in the Northern Hemisphere. A warm welcome also to our new subscribers - Jen, Tash, Tiago, Tipa, L., Loriann and Jessica. Thank you for joining us.

As you may have heard, January has been renamed, Veganuary.

Jokes aside, LUXTRA is a proudly vegan brand, so today felt like a good time to touch on a few thing vegan!

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The V word

The loyal readers amongst you will recall that the inspiration to start LUXTRA sprang from my mother, Sheila's trip to California to work on an animal farm sanctuary.

My first business was a meat-free restaurant* - Ethos - and I've continued the same mission with LUXTRA: to gently encourage people and show them that cruelty-free living is delicious, chic and enjoyable. I desperately want the world to be a cruelty-free place, but I feel like we have to be pragmatic. Confronting people with distressing imagery, in my experience at least, does not usually result in them changing their habits of a lifetime on the spot. The general population typically characterises a vegan lifestyle as one of sacrifice, so if we're going to get more people to go cruelty-free, it has to be an appealing proposition.

Indeed, I heard the follow sound bite at a B Corp event last year, and I thought it was perfect:

“If you want to change the world, you have to throw
a better party than those destroying it”

So… in the spirit of showing you a good time, I thought I would share 3 of my delicious, chic and fun vegan swaps.

* We were vegetarian because back in 2013, the word “vegan” was definition not cool. Getting a central London landlord to agree to us launching a vegan restaurant (when there were famous brand names vying for the same site) in a prime location at the time was a real slog. Indeed we were their 3rd choice!

C-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e 🍫

Chocolate: a weekly (daily?) staple in my life. I grew up munching on Cadbury, but every day it feels like there's a new non-dairy chocolate company springing up. H!P chocolate - now available in UK supermarkets, yay! - makes its way, quite regularly, onto the LUXTRA desk. It's delicious. And it doesn't last long.

Swap your Cadbury for H!P oat m!lk based chocolate.

Beauty 💄

People who adopt a cruelty-free way of living typically start with food. Next stop tends to be cosmetics and beauty. We've been interviewing a lot of LUXTRA customers recently, and it's been so interesting to hear how many of you have prioritised vegan skincare and beauty products. If you're looking for a list of which companies still test on animals, blogger Cruelty-Free Kitty has a good one, here.

Clinique still tests on animals. Boo. Support 100% vegan brands like Dr. Paw Paw

Fashion 👛

No surprises here … check out our range of cruelty-free chicness. And remember: you now have a juicy 40% off discount code (VEGANUARY40) 💚.

Our bucket bags are made from apple-based vegan “leather”

Fluff-ball of the week: Bindi

To leave you with a gentle reminder of why we are a vegan brand… it's because we love animals. Every single one of them. And we feel they all deserve to live a life free from human-induced suffering (not just the cutest ones 💚).

🐖 🐿 🐨 🐄 🐆 🐩 🐐 🐀 🐪 🐰 🦘 🦢 🦜 🐍 🐸 🐊 🐋 🐙🕷

Have a great week ahead,

Founder | Cruelty-free Advocate | Plant Parent

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