Recent fun updates 🥳

Recent fun updates 🥳

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Today I'm excited to share a few of the big things we've been working on over the past few months.

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Today I'm excited to share some exciting news:

Welcome to Lorna!

On Monday our brand new Head of Design joined the team: Lorna.
Lorna studied fashion design and has previously worked designing beautiful accessories at Sophie Hulme and Burberry. She will bring her keen eye and fantastic design skills to LUXTRA with new designs in early 2023. I am *SO* excited for this new chapter.

It has been a full-on week. We have already conducted an internal brand audit (what's working, what less so), looked at our key competitors, discussed shapes and details we love, and dived into which materials we will use going forward (including some exciting new ones).

Lorna will introduce herself more fully in a newsletter soon. #staytuned

A snapshot from our colourful (and successful) brand audit workshop.

Looking for volunteers

As part of our internal brand audit, we're looking for people who would be interested in participating in a 30 minute product-focused interview. You don't have to be a current customer of LUXTRA as we're keen to speak to a wide range of people. There will be a little gift as a way of saying thank you for your time. If you're up for it - please hit reply and we'll send over more details.

Last shipping dates

You probably need no reminder that Christmas is fast approaching. That means our last shipping dates are too. Here are the final postage dates for delivery before Christmas:

Worldwide: December 15th
UK: December 21st


Fluffball of the week: Maggie

It's getting pretty chilly in London, so sightings of the neighbourhood cats are in steep decline. I did however chance upon my neighbour's cat, who I've affectionately named Maggie. Here is a quick snap of Maggie before she ran under a parked car, from where she meowed at me and refused to be coaxed out. I'll see you again Spring, I suppose, Maggie!


And that's a wrap!

Have a wonderful week ahead 😊

Founder | Soooo excited for 2023 | Plant Parent

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