Vegan Leather & Soul Searching

Vegan Leather & Soul Searching

Some recent thoughts

Leap an alternative to leather made from apples

Hi there team,

I hope this finds you really well and that you're enjoying your weekend so far and sending a warm welcome to our new subscribers.

It's been a little while since I've shared some of my latest thoughts (and I've been thinking a lot recently) so today's your lucky day.

The greenwashing panel

Earlier this week I attended a talk on greenwashing held by The WIP. The women on the panel shared their insights into best practises for brands, they weighed in with their thoughts on Kourtney Kardashian as sustainability ambassador for ultra-fast-fashion brand Boohoo, they talked about how to make money as an ethical brand, and they debated whether the responsibility for sustainable consumption should be on consumers or businesses.

They also touched on vegan leather - several times - and it wasn't very complimentary.

On tenterhooks, I listened.

One of the panelists said “I would never ever buy a vegan leather bag” because she wasn't sure how long it would last. A few others nodded their assent.

LUXTRA's backpack in vegan “apple” leather

This comment came as no great surprise (the real vs. vegan leather debate shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon), and rather than seeing it as a negative, I see it as an opportunity to explore and to learn. In a way, these kinds of remarks offer a fantastic jumping off point for enquiry and a catalyst for getting really curious about you, our lovely customers, and about what you really want.

The comment also adds weight to conversations I've been having recently about LUXTRA where people (with deep industry experience) have suggested that our products, our branding and even the name could use some work. As hard as these things are to hear, they are really helpful. Like I say, it's a starting point and gives me the push to make LUXTRA so much better.

Thus some of the questions I have recently been asking myself go like this:

Is LUXTRA a niche brand catering specifically to vegans?

If we ARE a niche brand, SHOULD we be a niche brand? Because to have real positive impact, one needs to operate at scale.

So if we really want to change the world [and we do], shouldn't we be targeting a wider audience?

Why do our current customers purchase from us?

What makes people who are interested not buy from us?
What's the hesitation? What goes through their mind?

Do we even have the right product?!


Some think the name isn't quite right. What do you think?


The loyal readers amongst you will sense where this is heading: I need your help!😊

To our wonderful customers: what is it about LUXTRA that you really like? And what don't you like / think we could do better?

If you're a loyal reader but have never purchased - can I please ask why?

Give it to me straight! I love direct and honest feedback (really I do!).


I look forward to reading from you,

Over and out from my side.
Founder | Product Ponderer | Proud B-Corper

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