Post-Covid Autumn-Winter Fashion: What To Wear

Post-Covid Autumn-Winter Fashion: What To Wear

Below is a post that LUXTRA founder, Jessica Kruger, wrote for Brands Journal.

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September 16, 2021

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It’s mid-September here in London and it feels like we’re finally starting to shake off the long tentacles of the pandemic. The cosier part of the year is fast approaching – along with the promise of long coats, sturdy boots and cosy scarves – yet one can detect more of a springtime optimism in the air. A frisson of excitement. People are a little giddy. We’re behaving as if we’re in the early flush of young love, woozy with the taste of our newfound freedom. 

Against this backdrop, fashion this fall will be exceptional as so many bottled up emotions will be unleashed. The real world is beckoning, and we can no longer get away with “dressed up top, trackies down below”. So, what to wear?!?

Keep calm. Let’s dive into this together

Back to the office

Possibly one of the most intimidating (and imminent) scenarios. A smart way to tackle back-to-work anxiety is to dress modestly (comfort is queen!) but with punchy statement accents to boost your confidence and make you feel like a million dollars.

A new favourite outfit of mine is a long swishy skirt, with a second skirt, in a different colour underneath. Yes, it feels very 19th century petticoat, but boy does it add some warmth (air con temps still seem to cater for corpulent men in suits), not to mention adding a pop of cheery colour. Use what you already have in your wardrobe (because we’re sustainable women, right?) and don’t be afraid to clash colours but at the same time, don’t forget to keep the rest of the outfit monochrome.

Let’s illustrate with an example:

The entire outfit is black (black sweater/turtleneck, long black skirt, black ballerinas/boots) BUT the pop comes from the few inches of that contrasting colour second skirt that is peeking out from underneath the top skirt. As we know, the most sustainable outfit is what is already in our wardrobe, so let’s get creative by “shopping your wardrobe” to find fun new ways of wearing colours that might otherwise be a bit bold on their own. Tone down that beautiful Hot Pink / Bright Red / Powder Blue long skirt by showing only a glimpse of it. So chic, and so comfortable.

Another way to add a punch of feel-good-oomph to an outfit is with a fabulous handbag. While we may be slightly out of the habit of actually carrying stuff around, I know I’ve been quick to remember the beauty of a sleek and spacious tote. LUXTRA is launching three new versions of our top zip “Maya” tote this autumn, this time in a beautiful smooth AppleSkin vegan leather. There will be jet black, luscious forest green and a delicious toffee brown. They fit the biggest laptops along with space for your lunch and sustainable coffee cup. But the feature everyone loves is of course that top zip! 

LUXTRA tote bag

Gabrielle, @aglassofice, looking cosy with our tote.


Let’s move on from back-to-work nightmares and on to one of life’s happiest settings: brunch with friends.

In the company of our nearest and dearest we can relax and wear what feels good: the vibe is comfy and casual. Some great looks include oversized coats paired with your favourite jeans plus a plain slouchy sweater. Make it a tad bit dressier by adding a piece of statement jewellery or a fabulous accessory.

LUXTRA has two new bags arriving that will match the brunch vibe to a tee. The saddle bag is casual but with a nod to put-togetherness. Or if you’re more of a bucket bag fan, they will be available in same colours as earlier: jet black, forest green & toffee brown.


Vegan bucket and saddle bag - LUXTRAThe saddle bag (left) and the bucket bag (right) add a relaxed yet chic vibe to your oufit.

Nights out

Taking the good times up a notch, nights out are finally a thing again!

A killer look for a fun night out is built from the ground up, because if you can’t walk properly or your feet are burning from blisters, you’re not going to have fun.

Do you already have a great pair of shoes that blend comfort with sass? Choose those as your base. If not, no worries, but it might be worth thinking about a pair of forever shoes that tick these boxes. Two of my favourite destinations for stylish vegan and eco-friendly shoes are Immaculate Vegan (worldwide shipping) and allTRUEist (mainly for US and Canadian customers).

The outfit itself depends on your mood, the setting and of course the temperatures outside but the beauty of going out is that almost any outfit can be elevated with a great pair of shoes (see above). Statement accessories of course can be the cherry on top (I’m repeating myself, but it’s tried and true advice!).

So, all in all, for fall this year: wear what you love, add a touch of something special and then go and enjoy life!

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