A few favourite podcasts 🎙️

A few favourite podcasts 🎙️

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Last week's newsletter shared some handy tools that I use on a regular basis (the visual thesaurus seemed to be quite popular), so I wanted to follow up with a few of my favourite podcasts. Personally I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts and I can devour seasons in a few days, listening as I take the bus to work, wash the dishes, tidy up and/or drift off to sleep…


Probably my all-time favourite podcast, CRIMINAL tells stories of true-crime. Some are relatively light-hearted and others are a bit more … brutal. A recent favourite was The Princess (a mysterious women washed ashore in 1817 England) and another was called Breaking Into The FBI (the name's on the tin).
It's hosted by a lady called Phoebe Judge (yes, it's her real name) and there's a running joke amongst Criminalites about her soothing voice.

Cautionary Tales

A similar vibe to Criminal, Cautionary Tales recounts true stories about big mistakes in history and how we can learn from them. A recent one delved into the time the British Navy forgot about scurvy, but a more heavy hitting one - catching a killer doctor - has stayed with me since listening to it months ago.

Cutting Through Tech

Hosted by Maxim Cramer (a dear friend) Cutting Through Tech simplifies the jargon often found in the world of tech. The podcast specifically targets women working in that industry, but there are valuable lessons for everyone given how much technology impacts our daily lives.

Maxim's specialty is App development, so her episode How to Evaluate The Potential Of Your App would be gold dust to anyone thinking about creating an App. She also decoded the Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit and how it might affect us all.

Huberman Lab

A recent discovery. Every episode from Huberman Lab is a deep dive into some area of health (episodes are typically 2+ hours long). I started off with the one about ageing and longevity. In another episode I learned more about bi-polar disorder and I'll be listening to the one about sugar soon.

Warrior Women

The Warrior Women podcast interviews “ordinary” women doing extraordinary things to improve society and to help the planet (Karla, the host, is hugely fired up about climate action). Each episode is an interview with a woman working in a specific sector such as textiles, politics, prisons or architecture. My favourite episode so far has been the one about rethinking the prison system as told by a woman who has experienced the system herself. I'm fascinated by prisons for some reason.

I hope you might find a little gem amongst these suggestions.
Would love to hear your favourites too!

Have a great week and I'll catch you next Sunday,
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