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Cool Tools
A few of my go-to treasures

Also very important tools… just missing the Allen Key.

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Today I wanted to share with you some nifty tools that I use on a regular basis. I hope many of them will be new to you.

Visual Thesaurus

For anyone else who writes regularly - be it for work or for play - a visual thesaurus should be one of your top websites. There may be several versions online, but the one I use is I've shown it to a few people recently and their gasps of “wow - so cool” tells this tool is still a well kept secret. The “tree” of words is delightfully animated and doesn't seem to get old.

A visual depiction of synonyms for “happy".

Word Generator

Another word-related tool is WORDOID (can you tell I do a lot of writing?!). In a nutshell it allows you to create made up words. Maybe you're creating a new product, setting up a new business, or who knows - fishing around for a baby name! Whatever your word related needs, Wordoid can help (and it's free btw).

Wordoid can generate random words but it can also create words within the boundaries you set. For example, you can tell it:

- The word needs to sound French [or Italian, or Spanish, or German, etc]
- It needs to be a maximum of 8 letters long [or 5, or 12 letters]
- It needs to have a specific prefix or suffix (it needs to start with JES- or it needs to end in -LY)
- That the word needs to be an available domain name.

WORDOID - where the magic happens ;)


Visual workspace app NOTION is no longer a “hidden gem” (if you've been on public transport in London recently you'll have seen the giant NOTION adverts) but I had to include it.

I'm a visual person and Notion's emoji friendly way of organising things really appeals to me. We use Notion at LUXTRA - it's a way of being transparent with our to-do lists and allows us to comment and collaborate more easily (at least I find) than say, Google workspaces. I also use to jot down non-work ideas, to-do lists and other random bits and pieces.

The basic Notion format. Look at all those emojis! 😍


Hope you might find these tools useful - or at the very least provide you with a few minutes of mindless fun :)

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