10 questions

10 Questions | Amanda Thomson

10 Questions | Amanda Thomson
With more and more people seeking delicious alcohol-free alternatives (us included!), we thought it high time to profile our friend Amanda Thomson. 
Amanda is the founder & CEO of Thomson & Scott, a fellow B Corporation best known for its vegan, organic and ultra-low sugar sparkling wines. Have you heard of Skinny Prosecco? That was Amanda. She's now created Noughty: the UK's first vegan, organic alcohol-free sparkling wine. 
Amanda is a woman after our own heart, so read on to see what she made of our questions. 
Founder & CEO: Amanda Thomson


How do you start your day?

A while ago I spent way too much money on a coffee machine that makes deliciously strong coffees. It goes on before the lights do in my kitchen every morning! We also fell in love with the Nutribullet - anything that’s vaguely appropriate from the fridges gets thrown in there.  My son has learned to ignore the colour and trust me on taste.

What's inside your handbag? 

The inside of my bag looks like I’m expecting a zombie apocalypse in the centre of London at any minute so I’m fully prepared. I’ve tried to downsize several times but I’ve always then ended up with two bags. There’s always sunglasses, lip salve and Aesop hand balm. The list continues. And no matter how loudly I set my ringtone, it takes me a good 20 to 30 seconds to locate my iPhone when it goes off - ideally not in a quiet train carriage. Or a silent Tokyo airport lounge (still blush at the memory). 

What's your bag style?

I’m currently obsessed with Raffia. My husband secretly bought me a gorgeous bag from Six Senses in Portugal for my birthday after I’d walked past it one day and said, “Ooh… gorgeous. And way too expensive.” Not hugely practical though but beautiful objects often aren’t, are they?

What you are most proud of in your career to date: 

Never giving up and (almost) always keeping my s*** together. Sometimes I’ve ignored my inner voice and it’s often come back to bite me. So, more and more I believe in my convictions and know that ultimately, I’m the one that has to see them through. You need broad shoulders as an entrepreneur as every buck stops with you. 


Thomson Scott prosecco


The most difficult time of your career:

Every day. Running a start-up business is like riding a small, retro rollercoaster.  It looks lovely from a distance but up-close you know that there are moments when, as you veer round the next corner, it could very well derail.

Biggest life lesson:

Keep it simple. If something starts to sound too complicated, it will be.

I'm happiest when:

I know there’s a mini-break on the horizon that will give me a few hours of absolute peace without damaging the flow of my fast growing business. 

My favourite place to be is:

Home. With the fire on. In Autumn/Winter. And otherwise, basking in the sun or in a vineyard, preferably both. All of the locations involving a glass in my hand of something quite delicious.

The woman/women who have most inspired you?
Women inspire me every day. But some of the most inspiring ones are those I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. Fellow entrepreneurs who constantly encourage me to keep going as “we’re all in it together” like Giovanna Forte, Simona Barbieri and Emma White - and my incredible EY Winning Women champions Joanna Santinon, Natasa Nikolic and Stasia Mitchell. So many. 
You can read more about Amanda and her mission to help us enjoy a more healthy tipple here. You can also follow Thomson & Scott on Instagram.

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