In Conversation With | Sophie Dunster

In Conversation With | Sophie Dunster

Sophie is the designer-extraordinaire behind Gung Ho: a London based sustainable fashion brand that aims to get people talking about current issues. Her sweatshirts sell like hotcakes, but the real showstoppers (in our humble opinion) are the details in her beautiful prints - on shirts, skirts and dresses. 


A beautiful sea-scape print shirt, for example, looks sweet and chic. But take a closer look at the print and you might notice some plastic bags floating amongst the turtles: a deliberate and thought-provoking hidden message to get us talking about plastic waste in our oceans.


Sophie's creative approach to educating people about big issues is hugely inspiring, so we thought asking her some fun questions would be a nice way to spread the word about Gung Ho and sustainable fashion.


Sophie (centre) and friends wearing Gung Ho designs.

How do you start your day?

I recently got a dog so now I am a new morning person/dog walker, followed by cuppa and some toast! I am new to being a morning person as I am definitely a night owl naturally!


What's inside your handbag?

I notoriously either have the biggest basket known to man as my handbag, or nothing at all and I am a pockets gal! With the bigger option it is normally the same contents too.. full of parcels, sketchbook, a laptop, keep cup /water bottle, headphones and maybe a crime thriller for the train. Now I also carry a large piece of wood for the dog too. 


Are you a carry-all tote or mini handbag kind of girl?

100% carry-all. 100% of the time.


Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

Hmmmm, maybe the seasonal blouse we did to kick off our Food For Thought range. It was colour coded so everything on it in yellow was what was in season in the UK in Spring, Orange was Summer, Pink Autumn and Red Winter. It is cool to use as a guide when shopping and such a great conversation starter!


The most difficult time of your career:

When I first started out I applied for a loan for my first collection and it was rejected! We didn't have much time but we managed to shoot a kickstarter and fund it that way instead which was manic! Looking back I wouldn't have changed a thing - life is so funny sometimes! 


Biggest life lesson:

If it needs to happen, you can make it happen.


What you are most proud of in your career to date:

Maybe the Launch we did in September? We had 12 inspirational chefs model the collection and chef up a course inspired by the issue they were wearing... These gals are so talented and to see them in the collection and showcasing what they do best was so wonderful. Female chefs are really up there for me - not just their talent but the community is so inspiring. I felt very humbled they were there all in Gung Ho!


I'm happiest when...

I'm enjoying brilliant food with brilliant people. 


My favourite place to escape is...

Brighton. Hands down. Or Lasscos (Brunswick House) which is a second home.


The woman/women who have most inspired you?

My sister. She had to have brain surgery and she handled it like a pro. Compared to that, anything is doable.   


Head over tGung Ho to discover Sophie’s brilliant work and get talking! 

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