Happy holidays 💫

Happy holidays 💫

Hi team,

Thanks for tuning in. Hope you're keeping well.

To Kristina, Klaus, Chang, Mark, Elizabeth, Troy, Karin, Camilla, Dave, David, Elsa, Mary, Flynne, Paula, Amelia, Jessica, Charlotte, Joshua, Matt, James, Sarah, Wendy, Jason, Jessica, and Mile - thank you very much for joining us.

Festive dog and I wish you happy holidays

Thanks, too, to everyone who got back to us about our customer interviews. We started on Thursday and have already gleaned so much insight. If you missed it, we're looking for volunteers (whether you're a LUXTRA customer or not) to participate in a 30 minute casual interview about your perceptions and preferences when it comes to accessories. There is a little LUXTRA gift to say thank you for your time.

Today will be short one from me - I'm in wind-down mode and very excited to have some time off before an exciting year ahead in 2023. I hope you all have nice plans for the holidays.

Holiday Reading

I'm excited to delve into a small stack of physical books over the break. I listen to almost all my books these days (Kobo is a good Audible alternative ;) ) but I've recently been thinking that there's something so lovely about a physical book. It looks like my friends have been listening as I received some early Christmas gifts! So… I'm going to be reading:

Some books that I've read (listened to) recently and thus can already recommend are:

Holiday Watching

Just one suggestion here, because it's a full-hearted one: I highly, highly recommend FISK. It's an Australian comedy and if you have a VPN you can create a free account on abc.net.au and start a-watching!

Some non-Aussie friends of mine apparently need to watch it with subtitles (I don't think the accents are that strong!) but hey. Start with Season one. I hope you'll love it.

Fluffball of the week: Bindi

Bindi looking sweet in her Delta Dogs outfit. My mum takes her to visit differently abled people in the local area. She said that Bindi was “very patient with everyone, as usual”. Sweet Bindi.


That's it for 2022 folks.

Sending you all my best wishes for a happy Christmas, if you celebrate, and I look forward to catching up in 2023.


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