In Conversation With | Maxim Cramer

In Conversation With | Maxim Cramer

We love people who get fired up about problems and set out to fix them. We love it even more when the end result empowers women.

Meet Maxim Cramer: a technology coach helping women entrepreneurs to better access and compete in the traditionally male-dominated world of tech. Because as Maxim says: Women use technology, buy technology, but don’t build it or own it. Well... leave it to Maxim to change that...

In her career to date - she's not even 30 - Maxim has worked on apps that have seen a million downloads on the first day, she's spoken at multiple international conferences, including events for Google and Facebook in places from London, Germany and Japan and was named in the first ever “25 under 25 Ones to Watch” list by UK social enterprise Code First Girls in 2014. 

Read on to see how she responds to our 10 questions. 


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How do you start your day?

A few hugs with my loved one and then I leave him to sleep and sneak out of bed early to get things done. I’m a morning person and growing a business alongside my full time job means the first two hours of the day are key to getting ahead.


What's inside your handbag? 

Always: my keys, wallet, and lip balm. Usually also my kindle, headphones, and a random selection of lipstick and jewellery.


What's your bag style?

Classic, chic, functional, and black. Most of my bags are black. 


What you are most proud of in your career to date?

Launching an iOS app and hitting a million downloads on the first day. That was an unforgettable day. 


The most difficult time of your career?

Feeling like I was stuck in the wrong role, surrounded by an unsupportive team. I’m glad I was able to walk away and move on. 


Biggest life lesson...

Gosh, haha. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a lesson, but I think treating others kindly and trying to see matters from a multitude of perspectives is the best you can do for yourself and those around you. 


I'm happiest when...

It’s sunny! Funny, but true. 


My favourite place to be is...

Home. I’m a complete home body and am happiest when I’m curled up on the couch with some delicious food I cooked, candles lit, and listening to wonderful music.


The woman/women who have most inspired you'd you? 
My mum. Also, a lot of my wonderful friends. I feel fortunate to know some brilliant powerhouse women in business, who rock my world.


If you're developing an app or looking for technology advice, do reach out to Maxim via her website:
You can also listen to Maxim's new podcast: Cutting Through Tech

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