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10 Questions | Phoebe Gormley

10 Questions | Phoebe Gormley

Tailor-in-Chief, Phoebe Gormley, launched her bespoke women's tailoring business, Gormley & Gamble, at the age of 20. She soon found premises on Savile Row and became the first womenswear-only brand on the esteemed street.

We first met Phoebe some years back and loved her vision and her story. We find her drive to crack open the male-only world of Savile Row so stirring - especially at such a young age.

The impact Phoebe has single handedly made on the industry is clear: she was named one of Forbes' "30 under 30" and has been profiled by The Financial Times, Vogue, The Telegraph and The Guardian, amongst many others.

Read on to learn more about the woman behind the suit.


How do you start your day?

I would be lying if I said I woke up at 4am, did yoga, meditated and made home-made granola from seeds I have foraged that morning. I wake up around 8:30, make myself a cup of tea and get ready slowly. Savouring my cashmere dressing gown and savouring the minutes of the day. 

What's inside your handbag?  
Umbrella, always. Tissues, day nurse, card holder, online banking dongles. I haven’t carried business cards since 2016, my email is on the website, they can find me if they really want me and I cut paper waste in the meantime. Double win! 


Phoebe Gormley


What's your bag style? 
Bucket bag, casual, low maintenance. I find this helps dress down my work suits but also looks great over jeans and parkas on the weekend wandering around Victoria Park. 

What you are most proud of in your career to date:  
Honestly? Building a profitable business (eventually) that made me totally financially independent at 24. Every other achievement is a nice bonus, but this was lovely. 

The most difficult time of your career: 
When an employee stole all my liquid cash and then my biggest (and only) wholesale order wasn’t paid for as the business went fraudulently into liquidation (then carried on trading under another name). I lost a lot of trust in people, it scarred. 

Biggest life lesson:
No business is as important as your life, family and friends. On your deathbed, you’ll never wish you’d worked harder. Enjoy your life, shit will happen. 

I'm happiest when: 
I’m flirting. 

My favourite place to be is:
Horizontal on a sun lounger. 

The woman/women who have most inspired you? 

Every small business owner/employee/woman/person who gets up every day, and ploughs on, no matter what.


Gormley & Gamble Savile Row 

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