10 questions

10 Questions | Rachel Joy Price

10 Questions | Rachel Joy Price

Rachel Joy Price is a Lettering Artist based between London and Paris, working for brands worldwide. Descended from a great grandfather who was part of the team of sign painters who worked on the titanic, Rachel's work is versatile, spanning a variety of media from traditional sign painting for commissions as art pieces, customising products, to crafting scripts & 3D lettering for brands, packaging, books covers & prints. 

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How do you usually start your day?
A cup of tea in bed with my laptop to check over emails and make a list of priorities to work through for the day (or sometimes a run if I have the energy early!)
The best thing about my job is...
The range of work within 1 week, or even within a day.
I can go from painting a large piece of type completely zoned out to music or an audiobook....to sketching on my iPad beginning a job perhaps with a design agency for a logo type... to a trip to the local hardware shop, who know me well now, to get colour tests... to customising wallets/bags made from pineapple leaf!
Some examples of Rachel's work. 
Are you a carry-all tote or mini handbag kind of girl?
Mini handbag whenever possible!
The most difficult aspect of my job is...
Having to wear all the different hats of running your own 'one woman band' business, some that don't come as naturally to me... new business hat, admin hat, the sassy chasing invoice hat etc!
Which is your favourite piece that you worked on?
To date it would have to been the large paintings in Adidas' new showrooms in London. Such a fun job to work on, really chuffed and still pinching myself that they asked me to do them.
Biggest life lesson:
Nothing behind, everything ahead.

Rachel Joy Price at work
My favourite place to escape is...
Paris, where my boyfriend lives and where I am spending more and more time. Really enjoying getting to know a new city. 
It is only when I am there that I have a proper switch off time each day, in London I blur the line between work and life a lot.
What was your first handbag purchase?
First one I really remember was a very kitsch Pauls Boutique purple bag that I used to take to school and try and cram all my books into... 
I am happiest when:
Eating great food, drinking delicious wine & having a good laugh with my favourite women.
The woman/women who have most inspired you?
My mum, I love seeing how she didn't set her character/views in her 30s and just be who she was for the rest of her life. She is constantly exploring and opening herself up to adapt to the world and grow with it. The most selfless soul I know.
Others include, Amika George, Emily Chalke of Ella's Home and Jaz O'Hara of the Worldwide Tribe.
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