Supply Chain Transparency


Our view of sustainability is not limited simply to the physical materials used to make products. Rather, a sustainable approach to business needs to include the impact of the production process - both the human and environmental toll.
We think simple is best, so we have three overarching principles to guide us:
  1. Keep the supply chain short. This allows us to better know where our materials come from;
  2. Use our influence to support women- and minority-owned suppliers;
  3. Work with people who share our values.


We believe that surrounding ourselves with a diverse range of people is not only enriching for the soul, but is simply good business.

Supply chains offer a unique opportunity and means for companies to empower traditionally disadvantaged groups such as women and minority groups who have so much to offer. Even as a small brand, we believe that how and with whom we spend our money has a meaningful impact.

We define a “diverse supplier” as a company / traders owned and managed at least 51% by a non-white minority, a disabled person or a woman.

We are extremely cognisant of systemic prejudices (race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic minority) and are committed to inclusive sourcing

In January 2021, LUXTRA started tracking the diversity of ownership amongst our top 20 suppliers. The results and our goals over the coming years are outlined below.


In 2020, 27.4% of LUXTRA's spending amongst its top 20 suppliers was allocated to businesses owned by women or minority groups. Our goal is to increase this figure yearly, our targets being:

2021: 30%

2022: 33%

2023: 37%

2030: 55%

In order to achieve these targets, we have introduced a supplier screening survey to select vendors and increase the number of minority- and women-owned partners.

We will publish our progress on a yearly basis.



All of our accessories are made in Florence, Italy, where we work with Creative Workshop - a small development and production house owned and run by Mattia Porciatti.

We work with Mattia because his overarching philosophy chimes with our own on many levels. Mattia and his network of artisans are excellent craftspeople and of course, being Italian, they appreciate beautiful products. Mattia is also enthusiastic about LUXTRA's environmental approach and is always keen to experiment with the latest crazy-plant-based material that LUXTRA's founder, Jessica, gets her hands on. Despite learning his craft alongside his grandmother making traditional leather goods, Mattia is directing his own business towards working with more and more vegan materials.

Finally, Creative Workshop is located in super-close proximity to other key suppliers, such as Mabel SRL who produce our AppleSkin material, all of which helps to minimise our carbon footprint.


Mattia Porciatti


Our face masks are made with organic cotton purchased from the wonderful Organic Textile Company. The company was started in 2005 by husband and wife team Phil and Ann after they became aware of the nefarious nature of the traditional cotton industry. They write:

"Around 15 years ago we became aware of the damage we do to people in third world countries who grow cotton and have to rely on pesticides. Thousands die each year. They live miserable lives, tied to poverty, bound to a system that supports agro chemical suppliers."

Their mission is one we wholeheartedly support, as is their way of doing business... in their own words: "work hard and have a lot of fun." We always get a kick out of their tongue in cheek emails, listing the names of the staff who perform the different duties, all in a very humorous way. The company is now run by their daughter, Nancy.
In terms of sewing the masks, a lovely lady Bozena Bednarczyk, a seamstress in Ealing Broadway, West London, sews them for us.
Finally, our masks are hand embroidered by both Jessica, our founder, and Lydia, a grandmother based in Tulse Hill, south London.