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A NEW DIRECTION - Newsletter July 2, 2021

A NEW DIRECTION - Newsletter July 2, 2021

By Jessica Kruger Founder, LUXTRA July 2, 2021 View the original newsletter here.    Welcome, new readers. You've arrived just in time for the shake up to LUXTRA's newsletter. Rather than sending...

10 Questions | Annick Ireland

Annick Ireland is the co-founder of our favourite all-vegan website: Immaculate Vegan. "IV", as we like to call it, is a one stop shop for fashion, beauty, homewares, and more. It was adopting a gr...

10 Questions | Marieke Eyskoot

Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert based in The Netherlands. She's a sought-after speaker, consultant and author. Read how Marieke is inspiring people the world over to...