London Waterkeeper is the capital’s independent voice for rivers. The charity seeks:

  • A flourishing Thames which is a truly swimmable river
  • Rivers in parks that are free of pollution
  • Clean, efficient industry that abides by all environmental laws
  • Regulators that do their duty and enforce the law



As part of our 1% For The Planet membership LUXTRA pledges to donate 2% of our total sales each year to an environmental charity partner (we didn't think 1% was enough, really).

Since 2018 we have chosen to work with London Waterkeeper as our environmental partner charity.


Click on the links below to see documentation for our annual donations:

2018: we donated £300, representing 2.3% of our 2018 turnover

2019: we donated £400, representing 2.4% of our 2019 turnover


We enjoy supporting Theo Thomas who, by all accounts, really is the London Waterkeeper. Theo worked at Thames21 for 12 years during which time he set up the ‘Love the Lea’ campaign to make members of the public aware of the problems facing London’s second river. Prior to that Theo was a BBC broadcast journalist in the East Midlands for 5 years. Keep up the great work, Theo.


Theo Thomas: The London Waterkeeper.