A NEW DIRECTION - Newsletter July 2, 2021

A NEW DIRECTION - Newsletter July 2, 2021
By Jessica Kruger
Founder, LUXTRA
July 2, 2021


Welcome, new readers. You've arrived just in time for the shake up to LUXTRA's newsletter.

Rather than sending you pushy and annoying emails promoting products to buy, I've decided to do something much more exciting.

But Jess, what could possibly be more exciting than handbags?!? you ask, jaw askance.

Handbags, backpacks, wallets... well... you already know what those are. What you might be much more curious about is how on earth you can make them from apples. Or pineapples. Or cactus. Or corn... (shall I go on?) 


Well this, dear reader, is my area of expertise: all things fruit-leather and sustainable fashion. So much so that LUXTRA's website is inundated with requests about purchasing the materials, as opposed to purchasing our products (sadly I'm not even joking).

These materials, collectively known as bio based leather alternatives, truly are the way of the future. I mean even the conservative Hermès is moving into the space, as you've probably seen.

So, look out for the first edition of our revamped, non-sales-y newsletter this Sunday, where I'll be explaining how apple "leather" is made.


Made from apples, you say?  
Have a great end to the week and catch you then.  
Jessica x

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