10 Questions | Annick Ireland
10 questions

10 Questions | Annick Ireland

Annick Ireland is the co-founder of our favourite all-vegan website: Immaculate Vegan. "IV", as we like to call it, is a one stop shop for fashion, beauty, homewares, and more. It was adopting a gr...

ambitionTop 5 tips for an ethical business

Top 5 tips for an ethical business

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding paths in life: Ask any entrepreneur, and there’s nothing they’d rather be doing. Adding ethics into the mix only amps up the level of life satisfac...

10 questions10 Questions | Holly Manvell

10 Questions | Holly Manvell

"There is no greater source of life, nor governor to the balance of our global environment than our oceans." It is upon this premise that Holly Manvell created Clean Sailors - a non-profit mobilisi...

10 questions10 Questions | Daniella Peri

10 Questions | Daniella Peri

Daniella Peri is an award winning entrepreneur, mother to Max, dog-mother to Mr. Bruno the puggle, a fabulous friend and all round bag of laughs. As you'll read below, Daniella founded Yoppie - a b...

10 questions10 Questions | Emily Orlik

10 Questions | Emily Orlik

Emily Orlik, co-founder of NINA, talks to LUXTRA about launching her company during Covid-19, about her mantra of living for today and her favourite inspirational women.

10 questions10 Questions | Jennifer Bailey

10 Questions | Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey is the founder & CEO of Calla - a shoe brand that wants to make you feel like you're walking on clouds. Designed with bunion sufferers in mind, Calla shoes are great for anyone ...

entrepreneurIn search of the holy grail: Plastic-free vegan "leather"

In search of the holy grail: Plastic-free vegan "leather"

LUXTRA founder Jessica Kruger shares her experience working with a vast range of sustainable materials. She also discusses plastics, the pros and cons of vegan "leather" and real leather, and what'...

entrepreneurIn Conversation With | Dr. Carmen Hijosa

In Conversation With | Dr. Carmen Hijosa

In the world of sustainable fashion, Dr Carmen Hijosa is something of a goddess. She is the powerhouse behind Piñatex®: a revolutionary material made from pineapple leaf fibre. Carmen shares with ...

10 questions10 Questions | Rachel Joy Price

10 Questions | Rachel Joy Price

Rachel Joy Price is a Lettering Artist based between London and Paris, working for brands worldwide. Descended from a great grandfather who was part of the team of sign painters who worked on the t...

10 questions10 Questions | Phoebe Gormley

10 Questions | Phoebe Gormley

Tailor-in-Chief, Phoebe Gormley, launched her bespoke women's tailoring business, Gormley & Gamble, at the age of 20, becoming the first womenswear-only brand on the esteemed Savile Row. We pro...