A note of introduction

Hi there and welcome...

Thank you so much for stopping by.

I'm Jessica Kruger, the founder of LUXTRA.

This is the first post in LUXTRA's journal; a forum we will use to delve behind the scenes of our brand and share ideas we think are interesting. The journal will also be a space to discuss matters close to our heart, illustrate decisions that go on behind the scenes and share what wonderful things are inspiring us.

I started LUXTRA to create a positive change in the world. I was becoming increasingly dismayed by the profit-at-all-costs mentality of the fashion industry (indeed of most industries) and so I wanted to create a brand that would be the change I wanted to see. I am really looking forward to having you join us on our journey.

A quote I read today really struck me: 

Quote via: @mrspress@nadinebanks

I couldn't agree more. 

I'll leave you to ponder further on that quote and I'll catch you soon.

Jessica x

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