Rent-a-tree & 1st MIRUM prototype

Rent-a-tree & 1st MIRUM prototype

Dear all,

I hope you've had a great week and that you and your loved ones are keeping well.

As always, we start by welcoming our new subscribers: so I'm sending warm hello to Frances, Shelley, Alisha, Sabrina, Christina, Izabela, Renata, Yvonne, Marta, Naomi, Mcy, Cassie, Byran and Peter. Thanks so much for joining us.

Every Sunday I write this newsletter to entertain (well... that's the aim at least!) as well as to share some things that I've found interesting, usually regarding the world of sustainable fashion.

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Today however, to keep it fresh, I bring you three short and snappy snippets... rather than my usual one-theme monologue ;)

A heartwarming image - a Christmas tree rental company collecting trees post-Christmas.

Whilst we're still (just) in October, I've no doubt that wherever you are in the world, you are beginning to see signs of Christmas.

Growing up in Australia (where it's summertime in December) our Christmas tree was a rakish looking pot-plant that somehow supported limp, time-worn strings of tinsel. My parents are avid gardeners so there was never a question of cutting down a tree. Alas, in Europe, that seems to be the norm.

I was therefore heartened when my sister sent me a message about a London-based company offering real, live Christmas tree r-e-n-t-a-l-s ! Woo hoo! You hire your tree, they take it back after Christmas, and you're reunited with the same tree one year later. It's a lovely concept.

If you're based in the London, you now know where to go! #adoptdontchop


Our first MIRUM wallet prototype - plants, not plastic.


A few weeks back you may recall I mentioned MIRUM - a 100% plant-based vegan "leather". Well.... Mattia in Florence did a fantastic job and here above are images of our first sample. I actually did a double take (triple take?) when he showed it to me. It looked SO good... it couldn't possibly be MIRUM! For the newbies, that's because the PU-free vegan leathers with which we experiment are almost always disappointing first time round... I've written an article all about it, here.

We don't currently have a time line for the MIRUM compact wallets to go into production, but our Apple Leather compact wallets are now available for pre-order. They'll be ready to ship from November 8.


Before I leave you, I wondered if I could ask for your help?

We're trying to understand how people discover LUXTRA. So if you have a second to spare, I'd love if you could tell me how you heard about us - simply hit reply.

And I'm totally happy for a one word answer like "Google" / "Friends" / "Conference" etc. Thank you so much in advance!

That's all I have for today.
Sending love from rainy London,

Jessica x

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