LUXTRA is building an exciting global fashion brand focused on timeless design, sustainability and ethical core values. The brand uses innovative and cruelty-free materials to craft beautiful products that are handmade in Italy.

Founder Jessica Kruger comes from a barefooted, nature-filled childhood in Sydney and over the past decade has lived across cosmopolitan Europe. She has crafted LUXTRA to be the brand she needs for her everyday: ever-ready for travel, functional, environmentally forward thinking, and above all… chic.

With LUXTRA, Jessica hopes to lead positive change within the fashion industry by showing what can be done with the most cutting-edge eco materials on the market. She is determined in the belief that doing business responsibly is the only way to do business.

Earlier in her career, Jessica created the meat-free restaurant Ethos, for which she was named one of the UK's top young business women. She now speaks at schools and conferences on the topics of women in business, entrepreneurship, mental health and wellbeing - all topics dear to her heart.

Founder Jessica Kruger