We receive so many messages and emails asking about the innovative materials with which we work. As part of our commitment to transparency, we wanted to make this information readily available...


PIÑATEX - a.k.a "pineapple leaf material" 

If you've spotted our sparkly silver bags, then you've spotted Piñatex. It's made by a company called "Ananas Anam" based in central London.

Here are answers to the most frequent questions we receive about Piñatex:

  • Anyone can buy the swatch card, but to purchase anything from 1 linear metre, you will need to be approved by the company. To become approved you need to fill in the contact form on the Pinatex website.
  • Minimum Order Quantity ("MOQ"): 1 linear metre per colour (1 lm = 1 m x 1.55 m)
  • Price: from 45€ / linear metre. 
  • Wear + tear: In our experience, with everyday use, Piñatex wears well. Over months we notice the corners buff back a little bit, but this happens with all sorts of materials - leather, canvas, plastic. As you can probably tell, we love our bags and therefore we treat them pretty well. So please note that we cannot vouch for really rough and tumble everyday use! :)
  • Contact: When we first started with Pinatex, it took a long time to receive a reply as their material is in such high demand. Our advise is to persistent in contacting them and you will get through soon enough!


FRUMAT a.k.a "apple leather"

 Many people ask us about the difficult-to-find "Frumat" material with which we work.

Hannes Parth is the founder of Frumat but very difficult to get a hold of! His email is:

Hannes has promised that in early 2020 Frumat will have a decent website - so keep an eye out and keep googling. In the mean time, please know that Hannes is very  busy and it will often take many attempts to get his attention - but our advice is to persist! 
The other person you can speak to if Hannes doesn't reply is reach out to Denise Bernini at Mabel SRL, which is the Italian company that physically manufactures the Frumat material. 
Denise Bernini - back office -


Note that:

The price of the various articles varies between 12 - 20 € / linear metre (approx) and the Minimum Order Quantity is 300 linear metres. Frumat does offer a smaller minimum of 150 linear metres at a 30% surcharge.

An example sheet for the material we use (called "RIND APPLE) is visible here