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AppleSkin™ - FAQ

We receive many enquiries about the innovative materials with which we work. We have created this page as a resource to answer the most frequent questions.



"Frumat" is the name of the company that has created the AppleSkin material. Sometimes the words are used interchangeably. Hannes Parth is the founder of Frumat and has promised that AppleSkin's website will be live "soon" (but the situation has not changed for some years... we live in hope though!)

Another way to obtain information about AppleSkin is via Mabel SRL in Florence, Italy. Mabel is the company that physically manufactures the AppleSkin material. Please see their website here:
Material details:

The price of AppleSkin ranges from approximately 18 - 55 € per linear metre, depending on the finish. It comes on a roll and the Minimum Order Quantity is 300 linear metres per colour. Smaller minimums of 150 linear metres (again, per colour) are available however they carry a +30% surcharge.

The width of the material is 140 cm and thickness is approximately 1 mm. Further technical specifications for the material we use (called "RIND APPLE") is visible here.

Consulting services:

LUXTRA founder Jessica Kruger is an industry expert on sustainable materials. 

She offers consulting services to help companies select the most appropriate vegan leathers for their purposes and can facilitate introductions to material manufacturers. Read more here.


Final notes:

As a result of the high level of enquiries we receive regarding these materials, we have prepared swatches of plant-based vegan leather alternative materials and made them available for purchase on our website, here.

As far as we are aware, we are the only company that offers such an assorted swatch pack direct to the public. 

Finally, please note that LUXTRA is a consumer fashion brand and we do not manufacture any materials ourselves