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Manufacturing Partner: Cristian


Paolo Cristian SRL SPA working


Since 2017 LUXTRA has been working with Cristian SRL, who create all our pieces in Pontassieve, just outside Florence, Italy. Cristian is a family owned business, run by Paolo Ceseri and brother and sister team, Natascia and Matteo Masi. 

No company is perfect, nevertheless we have been impressed and delighted with Cristian's approach to doing business, in which respect and care for their staff and for the planet are key. Their business practises are consistent with LUXTRA's own high social and environmental standards. 

For example:

  • Staff working hours are regulated to 5 days / 40 hours per week. Any overtime is paid in addition to normal wages.
  • LUXTRA uses Cristian's "deadstock" (i.e. surplus) materials for linings and outer materials. This means material that was sitting around doing nothing (and would potentially end up in landfill) has been given a second life.   
  • Cristian takes LUXTRA's plastic-free packaging policy seriously, changing their standard packaging process to use recycled paper and... no plastic!
  • Cristian SRL is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. In a nutshell, this confirms that Cristian is compliant with international standards for producing LUXTRA's pieces. For those technical boffins amongst you, the official ISO certificate is here
  • Finally - everyone turns the lights off when they leave a room. It sounds small for sure, but that doesn't happen in a lot of places! 

We very much look forward to continuing our relationship with this team of lovely human beings.


Irina Cristian SRL Office

Irina is our main point of contact. Here she is most likely cross checking and replying very patiently to one of our many questions.


Accessories warehouse manager, Rossella, concentrating on a production order.


Laser and mechanical cutter extraordinaire, Lorenzo, fetching materials.