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Mango "Leather"

LUXTRA mango leather handbag


We're all aware that food waste is a problem. However here are some numbers to drive home the magnitude of the issue...

1.3 billion TONNES of food is thrown away each and every year.
That's about one third of all food produced.
45% of all fruit produced for consumption is thrown away.

Another food-related number that is hard to fathom is this one: 

1 billion animals are slaughtered each year for food.


Whilst the skins of some of these animals are used to make leather - "upcycling" them if you will - turning a raw hide into the leather used for our bags and shoes requires huge quantities of water and toxic chemicals. Like most things in the world, the impact is most brutal on poorer and less developed regions, both in terms of human health and environmental degradation.

At LUXTRA, it's our mission to drive positive change in the fashion industry both for the planet and for our fellow humans involved in the fashion supply chain. Our latest collection is made from an embossed mango "leather" - a vegan and highly sustainable material that is made in the Netherlands from discarded mangoes.

We purchase the material from a company called Fruit Leather Rotterdam. The founders Hugo and Koen hand make every sheet, transforming discarded fruit into durable, leather-like material. The guys put it best, saying: 

"The two worlds of fruit and leather are combined where the waste of the fruit industry is used to radically change the world of the polluting leather industry."


Fruitleather Rotterdam Founders Hugo and Koen

Fruitleather Rotterdam founders Koen Meerkerk & Hugo de Boon


So just how do you make material from mangoes? Well, a picture is worth 1000 words, so here is short explainer video (in Dutch, of course!):


And a video from the company themselves... 



And here is the end result: