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Piñatex® is an innovative material made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, a by-product of existing agriculture. The material is natural, sustainably-sourced and cruelty free.


As the second most consumed fruit in the world, pineapples are harvested by chopping the fruit from its base of leaves. Typically those leaves have no value and are burned or left to break down.
Instead, Ananas Anam, the company that creates Piñatex, pays pineapple farmers in the Philippines for the leaves, generating an additional source of income for these farming communities.
The fibres are extracted from the leaves through a process called decortication, which is done at the plantation by the farming community. The fibres then undergo an industrial process to become a non-woven textile, which is the base of the material. The final step is finishing the fabric which is done by a company in Spain.
The Piñatex website naturally provides much more detail. Click here to read on.


Let us count the ways we love Piñatex...
The material is unique and very versatile, so it makes for show stopping products. Indeed, the silver Piñatex Nina handbag is secretly our founder's favourite piece in the entire LUXTRA collection.
Any material that makes use of something that would otherwise go to waste is a winner in our eyes - and Piñatex does precisely that. We love the win-win for the farming communities, who are able to boost their income by selling something that was previously seen as useless.
The company behind Piñatex, Ananas Anam, has recently become a B Corporation, which is further proof of their ethics and mission to balance purpose with profit. We're huge fans of Dr. Carmen Hijosa - the woman who created Piñatex. We gain energy from her passion, strong ethical compass and perseverance.


We now offer an eBOOK on bio-based vegan leathers, containing all the essential information for buying and working with these next-generation materials.
The eBOOK contains information about the apple, cactus, pineapple, mango, corn-based alternative "leather" materials, along with many more currently under development, such as mycelium (a.k.a. mushroom "leather").