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Statement: Anti-Racism

We are actively & unequivocally anti-racist.

White Silence structural violence


We support and stand with the Black community.
But we have not done enough.
This conversation of course, is not about us, so we'll keep it brief and instead devote our time to reading, listening and taking action.
Here is what we are doing to promote change:



Right now, we're a tiny team but as and when we seek new team members, diversity and a go-getter attitude will comprise our top 2 hiring criteria. 


As part of our B Corp ethos, we pro-actively choose to work with individuals and smaller businesses owned by minority vs. more "corporate" businesses. As a small business ourself we know what that kind of support means. 

We will continue with this philosophy and ensure that we cast our net even wider to collaborate with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) freelancers and businesses. 


Both LUXTRA and I personally have made financial donations to Black Lives Matter campaigns - notably via the Color Of Change platform.


In public we are using our social media platforms and website to speak up and share the message. In private, we're asking our suppliers about their philosophies. We will immediately discontinue any relationship with companies that do not share our values. 

Personally, I am having conversations with friends and family:

PM, SM, KM, AB, NR, CH, DG, FX and surely others yet to come.


 We march at Black Lives Matter protests, and will continue to show up and march, stand, kneel or sit in solidarity.

We sign and circulate petitions regularly amongst our network of friends and family, and post about them on social media.


As a B Corporation, LUXTRA annually donates more than 2% of revenue to environmental and social causes. From June 2020 onwards our new partners will focus on generating positive social and environmental related to BIPOC communities.


Here is the reading / watching / listening list I am personally making my way through, and am sharing amongst friends, family and on social media:



How to be an antiracist

Sand Talk

White Fragility




13th (currently free to view on Netflix's YouTube channel)

When they see us






If you have suggestions of books to read, films to watch, people to talk to or creatives to work with please drop me a line at:




Jessica Kruger