10 ideas - go!

10 ideas - go!

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I hope you're keeping well.

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Yes, we are talking about Amazon... ah-gain

Long time readers may recall that I spent some time earlier this year debating whether LUXTRA should begin selling products on Amazon. As a B Corp, and a company that takes its ethics very seriously, we give these questions a lot of thought, and often ask you, our community, for your input.

Since boldly announcing that we were going to go ahead and list on Amazon, you may have noticed that I have gone silent on the whole thing. We've still not joined Amazon: partly due to the number of onboarding obstacles to overcome, partly due to my ongoing ambivalence. Some conversations I've had recently however - especially with fellow founders - have put the Amazon Question back on the table. Let me explain....

Tuesday's event at RAYE the store in Covent Garden, London.

The sun is shining and the temperatures are eeking upwards (hooray!) and that means more meet ups, more events and more networking.

I was at an event at RAYE on Tuesday. We were all wearing name badges: a bit cringe, maybe, but absolutely helpful. One lady's badge showed the name of a very "in" London-based jewellery brand and I recalled her to be the founder. Guess where I beelined.

I immediately introduced myself, gushing that I'd been following her brand for years, and did she remember when we were next to each other at a trade fair in 2018?

"If you've been following us, then you'll know that we recently shut down the business."


Whoops. I hope I didn't gawp too obviously.

Sheepishly attempting to recover myself, I tried to ask, delicately, what on earth had happened. I'm sure it's not the whole story, but apparently, when the cost of running Facebook/Instagram adverts increased about threefold, the jewellery company could no longer make the numbers work. Oh wow, I thought. This was a significant piece of information.

LUXTRA's Summer HQ: The Barbican

You see, at LUXTRA we also use Facebook/Instagram adverts, and it's true that it's a costly endeavour. So the next day, back at LUXTRA HQ, we put our heads together: each of us needed to come up with 10 non-Facebook/non-Instagram idea for LUXTRA's marketing. It's easy enough to get to five or six decent ideas, but you often have to scrape the barrel to make it to 10, which is the whole point. Ideas 8, 9 and especially 10 will likely be a lot more "out there" compared to those tame first, second and third entries.

Which brings me back to Amazon.

Amazon could well be one of the avenues we pursue to add diversity to our marketing mix. But my instinct is saying "no", and the team is not fond of the idea either.

So I wondered if I could please ask you, dear reader, for your input; to ask if there are any ideas you might have that could help us?

1) Do you have any out of the box ideas for marketing? We're enthusiastic and resourceful, but please bear in mind that we're a small brand with a modest budget!

2) Do you have any contacts in e-commerce shopping websites (e.g. Farfetch, Net A Porter etc) or retailers who might be interested in what we do? I don't love the idea of wholesale (it's a dying way of doing business IMHO) but we're definitely open to commission/drop shipping models.
If there is anything that does spring to mind, would you be so kind as to hit reply to this email, and let me know? A huge and sincere "THANK YOU!" in advance!

Seeking that "eureka" idea...

Oh - and one final thing before I leave... our new backpacks have just landed! Yay!



Ok! Time for me to go and enjoy a few rays of English summer sunshine. For the fellow Aussies here, don't worry, I will make sure to Slip, Slop, Slap! before I go outside.

Wishing you all a nice week ahead,

Jessica x

LUXTRA Founder | Thinking-Outside-The-Box-Fan | Proud B Corp-er
Jessica Kruger, LUXTRA

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