Coming to fruition

Coming to fruition


I hope you've had a good week and wishing a Happy Mother's Day to our UK readers.

Today we welcome new subscribers Sam, Jennifer, Sarah, Mathew and Koo. Thank you for joining us.

Each Sunday I write about something in the spirit of sustainability - I try hard to make the newsletters educational and fun. Each edition is added to our archive. Many of you appreciated the explanation of Cradle To Cradle, but there are also light hearted editions, like this one that offers some book and productivity recommendations.

I know I am...

A few things have come to happy fruition this week.


Whilst all of our packaging is recycled and recylable, we'll soon we'll be offering a circular packaging option. Yay! If you've not yet come across RePack well... today's your lucky day.

In a nutshell, RePack is a sturdy, reusable and circular packaging option for businesses. Products are shipped in RePack bags (like the yellow ones above) and once they customer has opened their delivery, they can simply put the empty packaging back in a post box, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

The empty RePack bag finds its way back to RePack HQ where it's cleaned and made ready for its next delivery. If you're returning the item you purchased however, you ship your product back to the seller in the same RePack packaging. It's all pretty nifty.

RePack is great for soft, non fragile items articles as clothing, so LUXTRA will begin by shipping our smaller products with RePack (card holders, wallets, pouches etc). We still have to work out a solution for our totes, cross bodies and bucket bags etc., which need more padding to make sure they don't arrive battered...

As you can see, we're still working out the finer details, but our RePacks have just arrived at our warehouse, so they'll be going live very soon. Exciting times!

You can read more about RePack on their website, here.


The eBook is finally here

It took me almost a year to write, but I am happy to reveal that LUXTRA's eBook is now live.

It's aimed at brands looking for information about alternative leathers. Over 300+ pages, the eBook explains where and how to purchase the materials (prices, MOQ, material composition, lead time, how to order, import codes), the pros and cons of each material, and contains lots of photos and videos of the materials themselves. You can find the full table of contents here.

My darling sister Kelly has made it into a work of art with her graphic design skills. (she's available for hire! 😊).

Warning though: the eBook doesn't cost a fiver! I am however offering a free chapter: hit reply and I'll send it over to you.

Student discounts

A quick note that we've launched a student discount programme. So if there's a young (or young-at-heart) student in your life who loves all things cruelty-free, let them know that we're offering 20% off. They simply need to click on the "Student discount" link in the footer of our website to benefit from 20% off!


And a very happy birthday....

I'll close today with a shout out to my Mum, Sheila, whose birthday is today. For those of you who are new in these parts, my Mum's animal welfare journey is the reason I started LUXTRA.

Hope you had a nice day, Mum, and that Dad and Bindi (the dog) spoiled you. 💝

Last week on the streets of Sydney... My Mum bringing awareness to the fact that Nike soccer boots are made from Kangaroo skin. Love you Mum. I'm so proud of your activism 💚 🦘


Wishing you a nice week ahead,

Jessica x

LUXTRA Founder | eBook Author (woohoo!) | Proud B Corp-er
Jessica Kruger, LUXTRA


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