What The Conscious Consumer Wants

What The Conscious Consumer Wants

Hello, hello, one and all.

Hopefully all is going well in your world.

There are a few new faces here this week, so let's welcome Sylvia, Amy, Nick, Zelda, Pieter and Thomas to the fold. It's great to have you with us.

To initiate our new readers: each Sunday I muse on a sustainability-related theme. Happily a lot of people say they enjoy these newsletters, but of course you'll be the judge of that. There's a newsletter archive if you want to go exploring. One Sunday I ranked a few of my Big Tech alternatives, and in another I shared images of our first Mirum prototype (a leather alternative that is 100% plastic free!).

You may recall a few weeks ago that I asked for your help by completing a survey. It was about conscious consumers and I used the information you shared with me for an industry speech at the Sustainable Alternative & Bio-Based Materials Summit.

Happily the speech took place on Wednesday (it's done, yay!), and the answers you provided really enabled me to bring the slides to life. So thank you again to everyone who pitched in.

It subsequently occurred to me that you might be interested in the results, so here they are, presented below, for your perusal. And apologies in advance for the blurry images. Tried many things (including many back and forths with the email company) but nothing would make them sharper! 😕

Question 1:
How much do you care about "sustainability"?

It might not come as a surprise, but you're a conscious bunch! It's so nice to see that 87% of you answered 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 to this question. 💚💚💚

Question 2:
Why do you care about "sustainability"?

We can see that the environment is far and away your top priority, and while I didn't make it explicit, I'm guessing biodiversity and animal welfare comes into this too.

Question 3:
What stops you buying the more sustainable option?

Whilst price was of course a big factor for many, a lot of you commented on how much effort it takes to sift through all the eco-claims. Trying to work out what is greenwashing and what you can trust is a big time drain for many of you (myself included).

Part of my speech also revolved around finding ways to encourage more people to adopt eco-conscious habits. Whilst there is no magic solution, my research lead me to two interesting angles.

Normalising behaviour is a well documented way to gently "manipulate" people into doing what you want them to do :)

If you see people around you, or better yet, someone you admire, recycling, or picking up litter, or going vegan... well... you'll be much more likely to consider that behaviour yourself.

Another interesting angle I came across was that some men and some more conservative types, associate eco-consciousness with femininity or liberalism respectively. That's not who they are, they'll have you know!!

An interesting angle here suggests reframing the language and imagery to appeal. Don't talk about "being green" and "the planet" but rather appeal to mens' manly side. One Jack Daniels campaign (below) used this approach when talking about reducing plastic. Appealing to traditional values can work well too, basically insinuating messages like "we're being patriotic by keeping our country beautiful".


I hope this week's newsletter has been insightful. As always, I love to hear your comments, or suggestions for future editions. I'll leave you now to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Keep well and see you next week,
Jessica x

LUXTRA Founder | Conscious Consumer Researcher | Proud B Corp-er

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