A Little Inspiration & Big Dreams

A Little Inspiration & Big Dreams
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Dear Luxtrites,

I hope you are keeping as well as possible.

First of all: welcome Chris, Swetha, Neena, Aleksandar, Amrit, Joanne, Edith, Carleen, Ayssa, Asto, Amy, O., & Catherine. Thank you very much for joining us.

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Earlier today in sunny Surfers Paradise. Sorry - I won't gloat.

I'm writing to you from The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, where I am spending time with my sister in this glorious slice of paradise.

I'd been pestering her to go to Pacific Fair, a shopping centre, so I could check out LUXTRA's Australian competition. In particular I was making a beeline for Oroton: the country's leading handbag brand (in my opinion), but relatively unknown outside Oz.

My sister, Kelly, had the patience of a saint as I transformed into an excited puppy, bouncing from one shelf of sleek products to the next. I so enjoyed being in that store, flitting between jealousy and admiration (gah! why hadn't I thought of that neat strap detail).

But above all, it made me dream of developing LUXTRA into a modern day equivalent: bringing the world of handbags and leather goods into the modern age by using sustainable and cruelty-free materials, supported by superlative customer service and strong ethics.

So.. watch this space for new designs and materials in 2022 and beyond.


Wishing you a happy and healthy week ahead,

Jessica x

LUXTRA Founder | Handbag Enthusiast | Proud B Corper

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