Founder Jessica Kruger will launch her e-Book on vegan leathers in November, 2021.


It's effectively a brain download in which she shares 5 years of hands on experience working with some of the world's most innovative vegan "leathers".

The eBook will contain

1) Information on the most available vegan materials currently on the market*, including:

- Ordering information (price, lead time, MOQ, contact info etc)

- Full colour scans of articles in the catalogues

- Best applications (i.e. shoes, furniture, clothing)

- Pros and cons from Luxtra's experience

2) Glossary of key industry terms

3) List of up and coming materials to keep an eye on.



* Materials covered in the eBook include:

  • Piñatex
  • AppleSkinTM
  • e-Ultra (corn leather)
  • Vegea (grape leather)
  • Leather-like recycled Nylon (Ashita by Kuraray)
  • Wood (Nuo)