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Made in the Netherlands by a company called Fruitleather Rotterdam, the utterly unique mango material transforms left over fruit into a durable, leather-like textile.
The founders, Hugo and Koen, put it best:
"The two worlds of fruit and leather are combined where the waste of the fruit industry is used to radically change the world of the polluting leather industry."


Whilst Hugo and Koen won't reveal their secret sauce, we understand the process involves the following stages:
Sourcing surplus mangoes from markets in the Netherlands; de-seeding and pulping the fruit; mixing the pulp with a binder; pouring the mix out in to large trays and then screeding the surface for a smooth finish.
The final steps involve drying the material and adding top coats of colour, waterproofing and embossments according to customer requests.
The following videos better illustrate the process:
This second video (in Dutch) dives deeper into the process...


Any waste material that is "upcycled" and given a new lease of life is a winner in our eyes - and this mango material does precisely that. It has a very high fruit content (approximately to 80%)and no plastic is involved, making it a hugely innovative product in the world of leather alternatives.
We also love working with Hugo and Koen. They are fun, hard working and we share the same vision for a kinder world. What's more, their atelier is located in a converted water theme park in Rotterdam, making for very memorable meetings.
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We now offer an eBOOK on bio-based vegan leathers, containing all the essential information for buying and working with these next-generation materials.
The eBOOK contains information about the apple, cactus, pineapple, mango, corn-based alternative "leather" materials, along with many more currently under development, such as mycelium (a.k.a. mushroom "leather").