10 Questions | Marieke Eyskoot

Marieke Eyskoot is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert based in The Netherlands. She's a sought-after speaker, consultant and author. Read how Marieke is inspiring people the world over to live more consciously.
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10 Questions | Amanda Thomson

With more and more people seeking delicious alcohol-free alternatives (us included!), we thought it high time to profile our friend Amanda Thomson. 
Amanda is the founder & CEO of Thomson & Scott, a company best known for its vegan, organic and ultra-low sugar sparkling wines. She sits down to answer a few fun questions. 
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10 Questions | Ilse Vonk

Ilse Vonk works with entrepreneurs to translate their vision in to growth. Here we shoot her 10 questions - both fun and harder hitting.
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Godin and the oyster

What Seth Godin and oysters have taught me this week.
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What is vegan "leather"?

Faux leather, or vegan leather, can be made of different things. Some can be made from synthetics like plastics, others can be made from natural fibres. One thing all vegan leathers have in common, however, is that they are all made without the use of animal products, however not all are necessarily environmentally friendly.   It might seem hard to sift through the noise and green washing, so we thought we'd lend a helping hand and break it down for you.   How is Faux Leather Made?   Most mass market faux / vegan leather is made from either polyvinyl chloride...

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10 Questions | Lauretta Lhonor

Lauretta is the wonderful entrepreneur behind The Ambition Plan and we are delighted to have her feature as our first LUXTRA MUSE. The Ambition Plan is a career change platform and mentoring program designed to help women find their elusive dream job. No stranger to career change herself, Lauretta navigated from doctor to fashion stylist, health journalist to TV news producer and finally striking out on her own. Lauretta found her true purpose in creating The Ambition Plan to help other women find theirs.   How do you usually start your day? It varies depending on what I'm doing. If I have...

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