Godin and the oyster

Seth Godin is a man I had heard about for years, yet I never did take the time to delve in to his work. He is best known for his TED talks and a cacophony of books about marketing.

You see, there was a story I had been telling myself that went something like this:

"I am an introvert..."

"I am afraid of customers..."

"I am the opposite of a salesperson..."


"Marketing is not my thing."


Indeed I had it in my head that I was scared of sales and all things marketing. Seth, I therefore concluded, was not for me. I let myself off the hook, not even bothering to watch more than the first 20 seconds (10?) of any of his videos before declaring myself aloof.

In the past week I have devoured the man's oeuvre.

Shame on me.

Godin's work has now embedded itself my brain, altering my thought patterns forever. I boggle at myself and my stubbornness. 

This seismic tremor reminded me of an old boyfriend, M, who had a curious, highly entertaining but also radically logical habit.

M hated oysters. Happily that made two of us. M's habit however, was to test his tastes periodically and methodically. Every so often he would seek out and willingly ingest an oyster. I am squiggling and squirming as I write this.

His reasoning? He wanted to make absolutely certain he had not changed his mind in the intervening months, so he could rest easy that he was not missing out on the many gourmandises proffered by mother nature.


Which brings me back to Godin.

It took a chance conversation not more than a week ago to put me back on the Godin scent. I tapped his name in to Google. This name was coming back again, after all these years... I had better take another look. 

My inner shame at having dismissed him so curtly was a reminder that every so often we should all test our (dis)tastes for oysters / ideas / people / places / foods / stereotypes / you get the gist... We should steel ourselves to ensure we are not missing out on the most delectable delicacies. 

Oh - and in case you need a direct entreaty > > > GO and read the man's blog!

My favourite article so far is this one about ignoring sunk costs. It applies to so much in life.

Godin's blog is now set as my browser's default page. He is the only oyster I've met and liked. But I'll keep trying.

- Jessica