Ukraine | IWD | Amazon Update | New Backpack Colours

Ukraine | IWD | Amazon Update | New Backpack Colours

Dear all,

I hope your spirits are relatively intact despite the horrible and concerning situation in Ukraine. If you have loved ones there, I hope they are as safe as can be...

Russia's invasion is a horrible, and incredibly concerning situation. It is absolutely jaw-dropping that one man's ego can destroy lives, yet this is not an uncommon occurrence throughout history. As I will touch on below, I feel it apposite that Tuesday marks International Women's Day (March 8).

At the same time, we must not forget the longer, slower burning issue of climate change and the horrible amounts of waste all around us. Which is why I will continue to write on this topic. I hope you do not feel it insensitive.

To our new subscribers - Jessica, Kathryn, D., Andrea, Amy, Ciaran, Susie, Makeba, Sally, Airidas, L., Alessandra, Ester, Alvis, Caitlin, Michele, Kamber, Victoria, - thank you for joining us. You are most welcome here. Just so you know, we have a newsletter archive containing a diverse range of articles. My semi-critical look at B Corps was a popular one, for example.

Today will be a bit of a higgledy-piggledly newsletter... maybe a good thing for those of you who struggle with my longer treatises.


IWD takes place on Tuesday March 8. Each year LUXTRA champions a social and an environmental cause. This year we are supporting The Circle - a global feminist organisation that works towards equality for women and girls.

When women have more money, they have more power. And as the sorry state of world affairs is demonstrating, we need more women in positions of power.

LUXTRA will be donating all profits from sales made on March 7, 8 and 9 to The Circle. Given the industry in which we work, we are specifically donating to the campaign for a living wage for garment workers. So if you've got your eye on something, then maybe this would be the right moment to help your purchase make more impact.

Credit: The Circle NGO


A few weeks back I bored you all with my agony over whether to list LUXTRA products on Amazon. The following week I revealed I had decided to go for it. Some of you applauded and some of you shared your disappointment.

So! What's the latest? Well... can you believe that one of the biggest companies in the world has terrible customer service (supplier-side at least)?

Apparently, because I had attempted to list on Amazon back in 2018 (yes, yes, I was even more desperate for sales back then!), I can't set up a seller account because that email is already in the system. And there's no way to reset it. And I can only email support once I log in (which I can't). There's no phone number I can call either. Of course I tried to sign up with 2 other LUXTRA email accounts, but you need a phone number to set them up. And unfortunately no one in our team has a non-Amazon account linked phone number. Sigh.

I've asked my (potential) account manager for help, but she was only able to send me a few articles online. Blergh.

In a nutshell: computer says no.
And I'm pretty close to saying no, too.

If such a massive company can't solve this little issue, then I don't feel it bodes well. I shall give it one more shot this week (probably will involve buying a new sim card, if I can be bothered), and if that still doesn't work, then the decision will be made for me. Will let you know ;)


I'm about to order some new backpacks and wondered if you could please help me decide on the colour-ways? There's a little survey here. It's short. I promise.


New backpacks: some potential new colour ways.


Take care of you.

Jessica x

LUXTRA Founder | Feminist | Proud B Corp-er


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