A Different Type Of Black Friday

A Different Type Of Black Friday

Popi as a suggestion for a different kind of Black Friday


I'm Popi. That's me, in the picture above.

Jessica from LUXTRA allowed me to take over the newsletter this week to talk to you a little bit about my life and her plans for Black Friday this year.

But first she said I needed to welcome the new humans: Renee, LJW, Jane B., Vicki, Sorcha, Barbara #1, Paz, Avrilia, Jane R.S, Ela, May, Annika, Barbara #2, Michelle, Kate, Rachel, Nathalie, Barbora, Jules, Babi, Helen, Kim, Peter, and Mounz ... we say thank you for joining us!

Because this week is all about me, and because she's bossy, she also said I needed to point out that there's a newsletter archive and journal with lots of information about cutting edge plant-based materials, and sustainability more generally.

Look how much I've grown!

Anyway! Back to me!

I lost my mum when I was really little. Luckily the nice people at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Borneo have been caring for me since September 2016.

I'm 5 and a quarter now - and I go to Jungle School! We young orangutans should be with our mums until we are 8, 9 or 10 years old. But because I lost my mum, the carers take me to jungle school so I can learn how to feed and take care of myself when I'm a grown up. They don't want me to live with them forever...

My friends Asto & Asih are making good progress too...

But the reason I'm here today is to talk to you about the good work done by The Orangutan Project, which supports many of the local orangutan rehabilitation centres in Borneo & Sumatra.

Jessica was telling me that you humans have this crazy shopping event next week - Black Friday. Apparently you get really worked up about it. She even showed me footage of people practically coming to blows over a towel or something...

You humans are supposed to be pretty intelligent, but this just makes you look silly.

Jessica's brand, LUXTRA, doesn't want to get mixed up in all of that. She thinks that business can be a real source for good.

So she said that she's going to donate all of LUXTRA's profits from sales over the 4 day Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend to The Orangutan Project so they can help more of my friends live a better life!

You can find me here, chilling at jungle school.
(click to watch the video)

It's something to think about, right?

Anyway! Have a nice week and enjoy your concrete jungles! :)

Popi x

Orphan | Cutie Pie | Proud Tree Climber

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