10 Questions | Lauretta Lhonor
Lauretta is the wonderful entrepreneur behind The Ambition Plan and we are delighted to have her feature as our first LUXTRA MUSE. The Ambition Plan is a career change platform and mentoring program designed to help women find their elusive dream job. No stranger to career change herself, Lauretta navigated from doctor to fashion stylist, health journalist to TV news producer and finally striking out on her own. Lauretta found her true purpose in creating The Ambition Plan to help other women find theirs.


How do you usually start your day?
It varies depending on what I'm doing. If I have a leisurely start to my day then I may do some sort of affirmations, gratitude journaling or listen to a guided meditation. Some days I can squeeze in a little bit of exercise before showering and getting dressed. If it's a hectic day, I will get ready and head out to whatever I have planned.

How did you come to start 'The Ambition Plan'?

I made 5 career changes over the past 9 years in the search for my purpose in life, but I felt very alone and judged by others while doing so. I created The Ambition Plan as a place where women can feel understood, supported and admired for not settling in life and instead striving to find the work they were made to do.

What's inside your handbag?

My essentials are an umbrella, Oyster card, my wallet, a bottle of water, keys and lip balm.

Are you a carry-all tote or mini handbag kind of girl?

I've always carried a large bag, but I've just come back from a month in Bali where I discovered that all I really need is a tiny bag. I literally ran around the island with just my wallet on most days.

The best thing about my job is…

Making my own rules.

The most difficult aspect of my job is…

Doing it all on my own (I don't have a business partner).

I'm happiest when...

I'm enjoying a lie in.

My favourite place to escape to is...

My bed.

The woman who has inspired you most?

Serena Williams - her tenacity, work ethic and ability to ignore the naysayers is simply amazing.