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The latest addition to our growing stable of materials is bio-based e-ULTRA. It's a soft and smooth leather-alternative made from polyurethane (PU). Traditional PU is made from raw materials derived from petroleum. The PU base of e-ULTRA however comes from renewable resources - specifically the non-edible part of corn.
The material is recyclable, made without the use of harmful solvents and is fully REACH compliant (an EU regulation protecting human health and the environment).


Bio-based polyurethane pellets are heated and then extruded, i.e. forced through a die. During the extrusion process, pigments are added to give the material the desired colour. The material then passes through a set of heated rollers, then on to a cooling cylinder which smoothens and sets the surface of the material.
Great care is taken to source all raw materials from qualified and certified suppliers.


We've chosen to use e-ULTRA because it is an appealing, durable and high performance material that has a very high bio-content (69%).
Fiscatech, the Italian company that manufactures e-ULTRA, is investing heavily in research and development to expand its range of eco-friendly materials. Another plus is that Fiscatech uses clean energy from photo-voltaic installations, further reducing the materials' CO2 footprint.


We now offer an eBOOK on bio-based vegan leathers, containing all the essential information for buying and working with these next-generation materials.
The eBOOK contains information about the apple, cactus, pineapple, mango, corn-based alternative "leather" materials, along with many more currently under development, such as mycelium (a.k.a. mushroom "leather").